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The Cube is a multipoint national centre of excellence that will merge the national low carbon agenda with the economic potential present in the low carbon economy

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The SPEEDIER solution delivers a self-financing outsourced energy management service that provides considerable benefits to SMEs, enabling them to implement energy conservation measures and also obtain access to the energy services market.

The service also streamlines, for SMEs, the process of identifying and implementing energy saving measures by outsourcing all time-consuming energy management activities that require technical expertise (e.g. carrying out an energy audit, training staff in good energy practices, obtaining quotes from suppliers for implementation of energy saving measures, project managing the installation, measuring and verifying the savings) to a SPEEDIER Expert removing barriers to lack of in-house expertise.”

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Let your Solar System
Pay for Itself!

The Cube can provide a turnkey Solar As a Service Energy System that can pay for itself in as little as four years to five years. The system has a life of twenty five years, so once you have paid if off the plant goes on generating your free electricity and savings for its twenty five year life. We can tailor a Pay As You Save Solar package to meet your individual needs.

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A new home for

Low Carbon Enterprise

The Cube is Strategically positioned in the Midlands as this region is uniquely positioned to deliver a cluster of Low Carbon-based activity that will stimulate growth, innovation and investment into the region and Ireland into the future