About The cube

The CUBE is a Midlands-based national centre of excellence focussed on facilitating economic growth, innovation and education in the Low Carbon and Renewables industry.

We are delighted to be part of the Siro and Vodafone GigaBit Hub Initiative. The Cube is the eighteenth GigaBitHub to be announced under SIRO and Vodafone’s GigaBitHub initiative and is the first to open under its second phase.  SIRO 100% fibre means companies, start-ups and researchers located in The Cube have access to high speed and reliable broadband, comparable to our major cities.

Our Vision

Creating a globally attractive location for the establishment of sustainable focussed business, through a world class cluster of skilled personnel, sustainable

innovation development, design and infrastructural capabilities that will provide regional competitive advantage in the Low Carbon economy of the future.

The CUBE is funded by Enterprise Ireland under the Regional Enterprise Development Fund (REDF). Strategically positioned in Portlaoise in the heart of the Midlands of Ireland, the centre will be a 10,000 Sq. foot Low Carbon focussed innovation hub operating in the intersection between research, corporates, and community to ensure Ireland is future proofed to benefit from movement to Carbon Neutrality.


Our People

Caroline Hofman
Managing Director of the cube

The Board

John Mulholland

Chief Executive Laois County Council

Gerry Murphy

Head of Finance Laois County Council

Evelyn Reddin

Head of Enterprise Local Enterprise Office Laois

Paschal McEvoy

Councillor, Laois County Council

Catherine Fitzgerald

Councillor, Laois County Council

Caroline Dwane-Stanley

Councillor, Laois County Council